MillionAgents has developed a technologically advanced product for data collection and analysis for the market of retail, FMCG and other sectors of the economy.

All our solutions are the result of consistent development of
technologies in terms of their continuous practical application
in the face of the ever increasing amount of the information
to be collected and processed.

The consequent improvement of our system allows us to say that
it has high fault tolerance, compatibility and scalability
of the software.

Our technology consists of a set of mobile apps, websites, cloud databases and special servers.

We have developed mobile applications (iOS and Android) used for
collecting and processing data in the interests of large
corporate customers.

Using mobile technology, one can collect any personal data, photos,
geotags, audio and video recordings that are extremely
important for pricing in the retail sector.

All applications are available for free download in the App Store
and Google Play.

We use our technologies to accomplish business tasks in retail, such as the necessity to have a crowdsourcing tool.

We have created web sites for recruitment of agents and
interaction with them and for presentation of results
to clients.

Our cloud databases have a proprietary interface to store
and present the collected data.

The server software for task setting and processing of incoming
data is hosted in the cloud and is accessible via browser.

What makes a report valid?
  • Collection of data is solely fulfilled via mobile app

    impossibility to incept external data

    all data have GPS-marks

    all data have time-marks

    all data are proved by photos

  • Automatic marking on the server

    data with errors (mismatch of coordinates, outliers of distribution) are marked with special signs

    ease of manual examination

  • Complete examination by moderators

    all data are checked with photos by moderators

    re-evaluation of basic indicators at the moderation stage

  • Optional examination by managers

    final stage of quality examination