Working process
Marking the territory by sectors
Creating and getting approval of checklist/scenarios
Recruting and instructing personnel
Testing the scenarios in a field conditions
Assignment of tasks to agents
Collecting data via mobile app
Additional optional examination with back check in order to find out a quality and completeness of data received from agents
Analysis of collected data
Automatic and manual examination of substantial part of reports
Exporting collected data into final report
Examination of final report

Census is a complex and resource-intensive survey of an area which is critical to building an effective distribution model

The main customers of census of retail outlets are the largest manufacturers of FMCG products such as Procter and Gamble, UPECO and Miratorg.

During census, we use technological solutions developed on the basis of our in-house information know-how.

Our technologies allow us to make, within the procedure of census, electronic layout of maps, geotracking and to use the control points in the map sectors.

have been explored by doing census

The data we collect in the course of census are highly reliable, confirmed with photos and geotags, and the addresses are normalized and correspond to the All-Russian Classifier of Addresses (KLADR).

The data formed after conducting a census of outlets are easily consolidated with the existing databases of the clients, regardless of their size and format.

The multi-level software and manual check of the incoming information during census reduce the amount of incorrect data and number of duplicates to the level of statistical error.

The attention to details enables MillionAgents to ensure the effective distribution and control of performance of tasks which ensures compliance with the high requirements to the completeness of the research results.

According to the results of census, we provide the final report in electronic format on the map.

15 000
passed during exploration of territories

This way of presenting data allows the customer to see the facilities on the terrain, to view the data for each facility, filter and download the data in table format.

Our company is attentive to the professionalism of performers and we have developed an interactive system of training of field agents carried out through our mobile app.

We were able to combine the best practices of conducting censuses with the unique capabilities of our technology solutions.

The combination of high technology and many years of experience in the development of in-house methodology of conducting censuses allows us to obtain high quality results at the optimal quality-price ratio.

It is worth noting that the combination of census and assessment of product category give the maximum result.

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