Working process
Uploading SKU database for monitoring
Editing of SKU description and instructions for auditors
Setting tasks and their distribution to auditors
Importing data and refining SKU database
Multilevel moderation of data
Collecting data by auditors via mobile app with GPS-control

Price monitoring and product range monitoring is a key competence of our company.

The main customers of our price monitoring service include the largest retail networks such as Dixy, Lenta and others.

To date, monitoring of prices for goods represents the most resource-intensive and technologically loaded service provided by MillionAgents to retail companies.

1 mln
SKU per month
provide to our client in a report

We know very well that a high quality price monitoring requires effective and sustainable technological solutions and minimization of manual processing of data consolidation.

We were able to fully automate the collection and processing of data in the framework of price monitoring, having specially created a separate version of our software.

The developed technological solution allows us to collect and process data regardless of the SKU number and the product range.

At the moment, MillionAgents has practical experience of handling more than 1 million products (SKUs) per month, and its technological and management capacity significantly exceeds this figure.

Automated tests by statistical methods, 100% manual moderation and confirmation of the collected information by photographs ensure its complete accuracy.

The experience in conducting price monitoring for the largest retailers has allowed us to form our own structured database of SKU.

Its availability significantly accelerates the process of data collection and processing, and also facilitates the matching of collected information with internal item numbers and categories of customers.

SKU per hour
speed of collecting data by a single agent

The absence of manual consolidation of reporting data within the frames of price monitoring procedure ensures that the customer gets reports on the same day.

MillionAgents conducts monitoring of goods prices by gathering open and closed lists, “one to one”, searching for analogues and by given parameters, as well as by conversion of prices into weight or volume.

The reliability of technology solutions and the unique managerial competence enable us to optimize the costs of the price and assortment monitoring.

We offer our clients the optimum ratio of price and quality in the market, in case of ordering the price monitoring service.

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