Marketing research for retail is a fundamental and well-developed competence of our company.

We specialize in collection and processing of data about retail products, services and retail outlets for the needs of trade marketing, researches and sales departments.

Our clients include major retailers, manufacturers of FMCG products, financial corporations and other companies engaged in retail sales of goods and services to consumers.

MillionAgents is distinguished from other players in the market of marketing research in retail by its profound technologization of all business processes and best practices of project implementation, including crowdsourcing.

Our in-house technology solution is involved at all stages of organizing and conducting marketing research with involvement of field staff.

Our technology works as a unified system for recruiting performers, setting tasks to the field staff and evaluating the quality of their performance, as well as for production of online statements to customers in real-time mode.

With the help of the MillionAgents mobile application, agents collect the required data for the “fields” such as: personal data, barcodes, photos, audio, video and geodata.

All the information collected in the framework of the marketing research goes through automatic and continuous manual inspection, and the system enables to track the GPS and time tags, which ensures 100% reliability of the collected information.

Along with the technological component, our company possesses a unique expertise in the development of methodology for conducting marketing research for companies engaged in retail trade and rendering services to the public.

Integration of high technologies in leading-edge practices of consulting firms, marketing agencies and IT companies allows us to conduct marketing research at a whole new level.

Our advantages:

  • High quality of the information provided;
  • A single rigid standard of monitoring and evaluation of the quality of data collection and processing within the marketing research guarantees complete accuracy of the information provided to the client.
  • Efficient conducting of marketing research. The availability of in-house base of the field performers allows us to implement customer’s projects in a record-short time;
  • Absolute scalability;

MillionAgents company offers services of price monitoring and census.

Marketing research can be conducted in any city in the country where the Internet is available to at least one person who wants to earn some money.

But if there is no one, we’ll send agents from the nearest settlement.