Mystery shopper and applicant is the up-to-date means of analysis of the quality of work of a company that allows the client to look at the process of selling goods or services from the customer’s point of view.

The mystery shopper and applicant, as a method of marketing research, is based on a comprehensive study of the interactions between the staff and the customers, the functionality and usability of client services and the advertising component of the product or service.

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The examination of a company using mystery shoppers is focused on the detailed study of the quality of the employees’ work and their compliance with corporate rules of interaction with customers.

We use our long experience in providing mystery shopper services in developing key items of questionnaires, transforming the information received from customers into the format most convenient for the direct performers who work with it.

The mystery shopper service allows our clients to determine their main strengths and weaknesses, to develop more effective practice in working with customers, to find up-to-date models of positioning in a competitive market and to create new corporate standards.

In addition, the evaluation by the method of mystery shopper contributes to the analysis of the mechanisms of conversion of potential clients into buyers of goods or recipients of services.  

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Our company has its own system of preparation and training of secret agents and applicants, which allows us to move the professionalism of their work to a whole new level.

One of our unique features is profiling of performers, since the work of a mystery shopper in a showroom is different from the work as a mystery shopper in a restaurant.

In addition to the use of advanced evaluation practices of shops and other outlets by mystery shoppers, our company is distinguished from competitors by the fact that it has its own high-tech mobile platform.

The research by the method of mystery shopper is also carried out by our mobile application that enables to confirm personal data by audio records.

Our advantages:
High quality data on the results of research.
According to the results of the research by the method of mystery shopper, the client receives a detailed report, which becomes a foundation for the subsequent development of business processes.
Efficiency of service provision.
The availability of in-house base of professional mystery shoppers and candidates ensures the rapid provision of services to customers.
The best ratio of price and quality.
The integration of high technologies in advanced practices of provision of services by mystery shopper and applicant resulted in making the cost of such inspection affordable for small and medium-sized businesses.