Mystery shopper

One of the keys to high customer satisfaction is independent control over the company’s own services and constant assessment of field personnel

We offer our clients two essential techniques of rendering a Mystery Shopper service. Our technology is ideally suited for both techniques allowing you to make a choice between them according to the challenges you face.


Crowdsourcing is a first choice technique for large scale audits with simple scenarios where a task can be performed by any agent with no restraints.

Key benefits:

  • A close to unlimited coverage. Capability to promptly engage and manage thousands of agents all over the country; 
  • Cost per visit is lower compared to other techniques; 
  • Engagement of large number of agents allows to combine control over service provisioning quality with operation of marketing programs for the involved agents themselves. 


  • The technique does not involve careful experience-oriented selection therefore it cannot be used for complicated projects implementation;
  • It is not suitable for personnel check within a limited timeframe.

Executors’ personal management

This technique suits for audits with complicated scenarios and increased requirements to the executors. Our technology enables filtration of the agents according to their socio-demographic characteristics, geographic location and qualification level.

Key benefits:

  • Capabilities for personnel audit within a limited timeframe (e.g. promotion personnel operation check);
  • High-end executors profiling;
  • Execution of audit on any level of complexity, including scenarios of disputed situations;
  • Guaranteed performance for projects with complicated schedule.


  • Necessity in the executors’ personal management puts certain limitations on the project scalability. Large scale targeted programs are to be launched in stages;
  • Higher cost compared to crowdsourcing technique;
  • Longer time for project preparation.

Regardless of the chosen service implementation technique the results are provided in the form of integrated reports. All the data can be accessed and reviewed in the client’s online personal account.