A company in the process of business development and expansion needs up-to-date information on the infrastructure maturity at a certain territory

Collection of customized data on the infrastructure objects (census) is a meticulous work requiring intensive use of time and human resources. Furthermore it is necessary to keep the collected database constantly up-to-the-minute.

Delegating the census to our agents will enable you to:

  • reduce time spent for a preparation stage: executors briefing as well as providing them with necessary materials (questionnaires, territories maps) are implemented within the application; all the materials can be corrected in a real-time mode;
  • draw a most complete database of infrastructure objects in any location in the shortest time possible;
  • follow the project in a real-time mode through an online client’s area and obtain the results right at the close of data collection and check;
  • get around deliberate hiding of information about, for example, disloyal selling spots or spots unfavorable for work as it often happens when census is executed by the company’s own sales representatives.