Retail audit

Efficient product demand management is impossible without reliable information on the state of affairs in the distribution, the competitor action and the partners operation

We shall provide you with relevant information on the real situation at the retail points of sales to enable your informed marketing decisions. 

Distribution share and quality assessment

Companies with indirect distribution model often become dependent on their own distributors’ interests. The manufacturer receiving information in the form of consolidated reports is unable to focus on the real situation in retail for making a decision and, as a consequence, to eliminate problems at an early stage.

In case of traditional trade the manufacturer can often be unaware of its products distribution place and merchandise quality. The distributor in its turn works with many manufacturers and is not always interested in maximizing effort for one special client's product offer.

We can decrease informational vacuum mentioned above through field data collection and analysis:
  • Collection of data on the distribution level of the product in the region. Distribution quality evaluation: availability of the assortment line, price audit, quality of merchandise set up.
  • Points of sales motivation programs implementation control. 

Assessment of the product competitive position within a category

Up-to-date information enables the company to timely react to the competitor’s shelf performance as well as to adjust pricing policies.

We offer our clients two approaches to assessment of the product competitive position:
  • Evaluation of the product position against selected competitors. It includes price checks, shelf positions, number of facings measurements for a limited set of SKUs; 
  • Category evaluation: open census of all SKUs in the category, shelf share assessment, category segmentation, shelf planogram; monitoring of all special offers in the category (special price tags, 1+1 or 2+1 offers, present for purchase, promotions etc.); special merchandise set up monitoring. 

Control of third parties’ contract obligations

We can check fulfillment of contractual obligations by your partners such as: retailers, advertisement and trade-marketing agencies. We do not imply that our clients shouldn’t trust their partners, however there is always human factor and local initiatives that can differ from the central office guidelines.

Here are some situations when it is better check than trust:
  • Agreement about placement of special merchandises and displays of the product or POS materials at the stores. It is especially important to check in case of wide geographies of the placement and/or if the placement is executed by the third parties; 
  • Performance control of promoters, consultants, salesmen and merchandisers; 
  • Compliance of contracted planograms; 
  • Advertisement campaigns (OOH, indoor) execution control.