13.05 19:37
FORapp software is built on top of 2+ years of experience with online crowdsourcing platform Tens of thousands users with their own smartphones/tablets and hundreds of thousands field reports collected on the platform proved the technology. Now we are ready to provide it as IT-solution for the market!
15.07 19:53
Recently, MillionAgents publicly offered to use its platform in a number of social projects, and we are now proud to present our partner, Russian environmental social movement "Zelenaya Rossiya". 

The aim of this cooperation is to introduce better national environmental control, and to engage more people in ecological monitoring and environmental work. MillionAgents will provide its platform for data collection and management of the participants in movement-related projects.

"Our events gather millions of people from all around Russia, and their number is constantly growing. It is almost impossible to run such an organization without new technologies. We are glad to welcome MillionAgents as our partner. With its unique technology and expertise in mobile solutions development, we have been able to create an easy and convenient tool to proactively involve citizens in the solution of ecological problems in Russia", said Konstantin Kurtchenkov, the leader of Russian environmental social movement "Zelenaya Rossiya".

The first project run on MillionAgents’ platform is the Russian ecological community work day "subbotnik", on August 30th, which has been organized on a national level.
28.04 19:44
Родион Репин презентует MillionAgents

At the end of last week, MillionAgents team took part in the III Congress of regional market research companies. The Moscow-based event gathered over 200 participants from all over Russia (from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok), and guests from Belorussia, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.

One of the key topics raised was the use of new technologies in market research. This was discussed both by the main panels of the Congress and by the event participants at the MillionAgents stand. Paperless field personnel management systems sparked the interest of regional companies.

It is rewarding to know that the IT solutions of MillionAgents will allow potential partners to quickly build up their business activities using the power of cutting edge technologies discussed at the Congress.

In addition to stand activities, the managing partner of MillionAgents, Rodion Repin, gave a presentation about the company during the formal part of the Congress.

We would like to thank Congress organizers, the company "Delfi", for their excellent work, and all event participants for their interesting reports, amiable gathering, and networking.