Crowdsourcing in retail: foreign experience and the Russian reality Since the middle 2000’s crowdsourcing has been using in order to find contractors, which fulfil some tasks. This new economic model not only became a valuable part of business processes, but rather has been legalized. On the other hand, the Russian legislation does not contain any norms, that regulate crowdsourcing, and companies and contractors lives are substantially complicated by such absence.
Crowdsourcing a la russe: easy solution for hard tasks in retail Медленно, но верно краудсорсинг превращается в полноценный инструмент для решения разнообразных бизнес-задач. Российские ритейлеры всё более охотно берут его на вооружение. Однако российский краудсорсинг во многом отличается от своего зарубежного «старшего брата».
News from the fields: making data of competitiors' goods gathering easier! Traditionally, field data in retail consists of information about goods and points of sales. However, photos, videos and geo-marks could also be gathered from the fields. Why do retailers need the and how can we make the process of gathering easier?
New version of MillionAgents’ app work three times faster The Russian crwodsourcing platform MillionAgents has released a new version of its mobile app used for optimizing work with field staff and processing of data, including goods, prices, services and points of sales.
MillionAgents study crowd labor market MillionAgents has prepared the research devoted to undestanding of social and demographic data of crowd labor, and in order to accoplish this 4 564 people from 19 cities in Russia have been surveyed.