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Goods per minute
our performance while working 24/7
1 000
Field personnel and moderators
simultaneously coordinated by the team of 70 full time and part-time staff members
GB of data
received by our servers every day

MillionAgents - one of the leading players in the market field studies

We emerged in 2012 with the support of the NCC Group companies "National Computer Corporation".

Today, our company provides services in the field of marketing research, collection and processing of the field data as well as control massive personnel.

Our main clients are the largest retail chains, manufacturers of FMCG, financial corporations, and small and medium-sized enterprises from other sectors of the economy.

MillionAgents offers enterprise customers a new perspective on the collection and processing of data on products, services and points of sales.

In the provision of various services from the area of field marketing research, we rely on our own technological developments and unique managerial competence.

Our complex information technologies for the mass of the field data collection and processing is used at all stages of field research.

Primary collection is carried out with the help of agents MillionAgents mobile app allows you to upload any kind of data.

Processing of the data collected during the field research, fully automated, and the system is characterized by high performance and fault tolerance that eliminates any data corruption.

Along with this, we are one of the few who offers to conduct field research to small and medium-sized businesses at affordable prices for data subjects economy.

Our customers regardless of the size of the companies receive reliable information about the real state prices in the market, its competitive position and the quality of work of their own business processes.

MillionAgents Company also conducts monitoring of prices of goods in any region of Russia.

Our Clients