About us

MillionAgents was founded in October 2012 by entrepreneurs Rodion Repin, Alexander Belsky and Vyacheslav Somov. 

Our main focus is development of a unique crowdsourcing platform which enables users to accumulate any information by means of their smartphones. The technology integrates several latest trends such as crowdsourcing, mobile applications and mobile internet development as well as changes on the labour market. 

Our platform opens new business opportunities giving companies a completely new outlook at business processes involved at tactical and strategic decision making such as control over partners and executors as well as field market research performance, internal personnel audit, collection of customer feedback etc. 

High flexibility of the technology, simplicity and rate of project scenarios creation makes the platform a turnkey solution that can be used for crowdsourcing social projects implementation. 

We continue to develop and improve our crowdsourcing platform and are sure to find new ways of the technology employment in the nearest future.